Monthly Archives: January 2015


1. The First Board of Management Meeting (2014-2017) was held at Faculty Lounge, MIT, on January 30, 2015.

Proposed Trainings in 2015

  • Communication and Media Workshop,  WACC
  • Sustainable Development Training, Scottish Episcopal Church
  • Reading the Bible in a Changing World, LHF
  • Disability Workshop, EDAN
  • Second Teaching Methodology Workshop, Danmission
  • Second Contextual Theological Conference, Danmission
  • Spirit-Led Living Training, FHLG
  • Ministers’ Institute, MMF
  • Workshop on Ecology, EMW
  • Social Analysis Workshop, CGM
  • Pastoral Education

2. ATESEA Membership Committee Will Visit Myanmar

ATESEA  membership committee will pay an ocular visit to four theological schools – Tedim Christian College (Sanchaung), All Nations Theological Seminary (Thanlyin), Kachin Theological College (Kutkhai), and Tahan Institute of Theology (Tahan, Kalay) in the  coming March 2015.

3. ATESEA Accreditation Team Will Visit Myanmar

ATESEA  Accreditation Team will visit Myanmar by the end of November 2015.