ATEM NEWS LETTER Vol 3 (Jan – Dec 2014)

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Dear Colleagues in Theological Education,

 May I take this opportunity to express from the bottom of my heart my deep gratitude to Presidents, officers, chairpersons and members of various committees in ATEM, along with principals, member schools and all the readers of this newsletter, for your constant partnership and your enormous contributions during the year 2014. I must confess that all the programs and activities, initiated by ATEM during this year have been possible only due to your full support and encouragement.

 This newsletter also brings to you a word of “THANKS” for your continuous patronage for our newsletter. In addition to the ATEM family, many of our overseas partners, friends and organizations very much appreciate this venture which brings us closer to our common purpose -to enhance theological education by every possible means.

It would be interesting and worthwhile to be able to report more of the activities from member institutions. But it is a difficult task for us to collect all those materials. We are able to publish only a few of those activities here although many more are happening out there. We hope other members will use this opportunity to share their activities with the members of our fraternity.

 I am so glad that ATEM has been moving forward steadily year after year amidst of various difficulties. Meanwhile, we regret mentioning that the Myanmar Ecumenical Research Centre (MERC) project, started by ATEM in 2002, has failed due to the sudden financial crisis that began in 2009. The land for the building donated by Myanmar Baptist Church Union (MBCU) was taken back in August 2013. ATEM owes its gratitude to MBCU for its generous gift as well as its long patience since ATEM is not in a position to continue the construction work.

 I would like to extend my sincere thanks to our international partners, agencies and churches for their continuing support. At the same time, we also apologize sincerely for the irregularity of the newsletter because of limitations in the office. This present issue covers from January – December 2014.

I send you my warm wishes for a blessed and safe year 2015 and a good continuation of your ministry in your respective institutions and ATEM.

Rev. Dr. Lal Tin Hre

Executive Secretary

Please download ATEM NEWS LETTER  Vol 3 (Jan – Dec 2014) here.

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